St. Norbert College
Belgian Waffle Bar    Top your own with oven baked waffles.
GF vegan waffles baked per request
Non-gluten Vegetarian
Nutrition Info
Number of Servings: 1 (152.49 g per serving)
Ingredients: Belgian Waffle 3x3; Topping, whipped, non dairy, ready to whip, prep f/fzn, FS; Pie Filling, apple, 21oz can; Pie Filling, cherry, 21 oz can; Syrup, chocolate; Topping, caramel; Spread, hazelnut, chocolate flvrd
Notes: One loaded waffle: wheat, milk, soy, egg; tree nuts (Nutella)
Calories (kcal)358.65
Protein (g)4.63
Carbohydrates (g)55.31
Dietary Fiber (g)1.69
Total Sugars (g)17.99
Fat (g)9.48
Saturated Fat (g)6.69
Cholesterol (mg)0.07
Sodium (mg)316.83
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