St. Norbert College
Cheese stuffed pasta pillows, pomodoro (red) or pesto alfredo sauce, Italian sausage & peppers...built to order
Nutrition Info
Number of Servings: 1 (255.15 g per serving)
Ingredients: Cheese Ravioli, Medium Squares; Italian Sausage & Peppers; Broccoli, florets, fresh; Pomodoro Sauce; Pesto Alfredo Sauce
Notes: Per bowl: wheat, soy, egg. milk
Calories (kcal)356.98
Protein (g)16.94
Carbohydrates (g)42.27
Dietary Fiber (g)3.42
Total Sugars (g)3.07
Fat (g)12.58
Saturated Fat (g)5.53
Cholesterol (mg)46.12
Sodium (mg)542.47
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