St. Norbert College
Airy mascarpone cheese with butter sauce over penne pasta
Nutrition Info
Number of Servings: 4 (116.94 g per serving)
Ingredients: Pasta; Base, butter sauce, FS; Milk, 2%, w/add vit A & D; Cheese, mascarpone; Cheese, parmesan, grated; Herb, parsley, sprigs, fresh; Salt, table; Spice, pepper, black, ground
Notes: Per 1/2 cup: contains wheat, soy, milk
Calories (kcal)253.59
Protein (g)6.16
Carbohydrates (g)22.65
Dietary Fiber (g)1.30
Total Sugars (g)0.87
Fat (g)15.16
Saturated Fat (g)9.01
Cholesterol (mg)39.97
Sodium (mg)246.97
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