St. Norbert College
Vanilla pudding layer between layers of peanut butter crunch...with a chocolate glaze
Nutrition Info
Number of Servings: 80 (58.49 g per serving)
Ingredients: Sugar, confectioners/powdere d, unsftd; Peanut Butter, creamy; Baking Chips, chocolate, semi sweet, mini; Margarine & Butter, blend, w/soybean oil; Sugar; Syrup, corn, light; Corn Flakes, Hospitality; Pudding, vanilla, dry mix, svg; Milk, 2%, w/add vit A & D
Notes: Per each: contains peanut, milk, gluten; vegetarian
Calories (kcal)267.66
Protein (g)2.96
Carbohydrates (g)36.36
Dietary Fiber (g)1.31
Total Sugars (g)26.42
Fat (g)14.13
Saturated Fat (g)3.72
Cholesterol (mg)1.05
Sodium (mg)164.89
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