St. Norbert College
Made-to-order with your choice of red curry sauce, cilantro red pepper
pesto or teriyaki. Veggie version with tofu.
Healthy Non-gluten Vegetarian
Nutrition Info
Number of Servings: 1 (283.5 g per serving)
Ingredients: Diced Chicken Meat; Water, tap, municipal; Rice, red, grain, INTL; Red Curry Sauce; Broccoli, florets, fresh; Tomatoes, red, fresh, year round avg, chpd/sliced; Peas, chickpea, mature, ckd; Carrots, fresh, grated; Bamboo Shoots, cnd, svg; Onion, green, tops & bulb, fresh, chpd
Notes: Per bowl: contains soy with tofu, curry or teriyaki; contains milk with pesto
Calories (kcal)315.13
Protein (g)22.66
Carbohydrates (g)36.44
Dietary Fiber (g)4.33
Total Sugars (g)4.91
Fat (g)9.21
Saturated Fat (g)5.80
Cholesterol (mg)43.66
Sodium (mg)574.29
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