St. Norbert College
Housemade Caesar, romaine, crispy tortilla strips, fethered Parmesan on the side per request
Healthy Non-gluten Vegetarian
Nutrition Info
Number of Servings: 16 (74.09 g per serving)
Ingredients: Lettuce, romaine, fresh, shred; Eggless Mayo, Burman's; Chips, tortilla, corn, tri-color, restaurant; Juice, lemon, fresh; Oil, vegetable, low saturated fat, USDA; Sauce, soy, naturally brewed; Garlic, minced, wet; Seasoning, bread, garlic herb blend
Notes: Per bowl: contains soy; vegan
Calories (kcal)210.95
Protein (g)1.33
Carbohydrates (g)8.18
Dietary Fiber (g)1.14
Total Sugars (g)0.57
Fat (g)19.26
Saturated Fat (g)2.64
Cholesterol (mg)0
Sodium (mg)183.69
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